The Power of a Portrait



These were shot in the studio whilst trying to refine techniques of lighting and portraiture.  After reaching the ideal lighting set up its so much easier to then get someone who can pose and take some direction.  I have used myself and family members in other sessions at my home studio set up (spare room, nothing glam) and its infinitely more difficult as everyone finds it easier to be less patient and easily irritated as we are very familiar with each other.  I once asked my teenage daughter to pose for a uni module I was doing and she ended up in tears, she was tired and I failed to notice in my pursuit of the images, I did feel terrible as I do have a heart you know.  With a bit of experience,  its easier to let those you love be themselves and just try and capture them without too much intervention, relax!


These are of a fellow student of mine, Beckki.   Despite the key lighting in each image being the same I feel each one is very individual and has captured her in a different light.  Subtle differences like the hair being up or down can drastically alter the viewers perception and of course the black and white image has an eternal elegance or edge to it.


As I mentioned earlier, the family portraits are fun but hard work.   My husband is very positive and enthusiastic about my photography and is more than happy to be of support and of course he’s rather lovely anyway.





So when it comes to self portraiture I think things get even stranger.  You should know what you want from yourself as you are often enough telling others what to do.   Once you get over yourself and stop feeling self conscious then the magic will happen just like it happens when you do it for others, patience you see.




Kids, I love photographing kids in their natural environment.  I have never shot in a studio with them, I just find it’s a joyous experience when they are relaxed and happy and bombing about in familiar territory, no stiff poses or stresses.



Cailyn Thomas-

And let’s not forget our furry friends; this is Lily, Lilypet, Lilypoo, or just plain poo.



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